Saint Spyridon College offers excellence in literacy and numeracy, and ranks amongst the highest in the State. These results are founded on small, well-supported class sizes and happy students. Learning is nurtured in an environment that promotes working with others and striving for personal excellence.

Centrally located in Unley, it is close to the city of Adelaide. Saint Spyridon College has access to valuable Community facilities including the Unley Library, Unley Oval, State Swim and the Village Green. The school provides a supportive environment that allows students to develop character, embrace learning and to find wisdom.

A high quality education and impressive facilities for your child form the basis of excellence at Saint Spyridon College.

Our Vision is that Saint Spyridon College graduates will have the confidence and wisdom to embark on new challenges, achieve personal goals and be pro-active, responsible members of society.

We welcome your children at Saint Spyridon College.

Please visit the College website for further information. or contact the Principal Mr Justin Macey on 8272 1655.



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