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Youth Group Movie & Hot Dog Night

On the 8th June this year a movie night fundraiser was organised for the junior youth group and their parents to attend and enjoy. A $10 entry fee applied for each family, who then enjoyed the movie Furry Vengence and were able to munch on hot dogs and other snacks throughout the night. The movie night was a great success and gave many children and adults the opporutnity to enjoy a fund night together, whether they regularly attend the Youth Group or not.

It was exciting to see some new faces at the event and lovely to see the parents stay and chat with other parents. Evenst such as these are not only beneficial due to the money raised for the community, but they also allow young families from the wider community and church to meet each other. It is important to continue to hold events such as these so that new people can discover our Youth Group and also make friends with children who have a lot in common with them. Overall it was an enjoyable night for everyone and will undoubtedly be repeated in the near future.

Children making Koliva at Sunday School Children making Koliva at Sunday School

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