All that we do and everything that is done for us in the Church is sacred, and reveals God's love for us. God is not removed or distant from His creation but He intimately cares for each of His children and is close to us in many invisible ways.

The Sacraments of the Church are methods by which God demonstrates His care and love for us, and shows that He does not abandon us in our struggles on Earth. The Holy Spirit works within and through the Sacraments and we are able to become closer to God through these visible actions in the Church.

The Sacraments occur within the community of the Church, just as each individual's salvation finds itself in the whole Church, not in isolation to others or by selfish human schemes. The Sacraments are God's gifts to us where we are made holy while coming closer to God, and are sacred acts that take place using tangible means such as water, bread, oil, wine and other components.