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Youth Group

The Community of Saint Spyridon offers the Junior and Teenage Youth Groups comprising of junior and teenage members of the community, parish and school.

The Youth Group is held at the Saint Spyridon College Campus every Friday night during the school term between 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Currently there are two groups:

  • Junior & Primary School age group with Nick Papageorgiou
  • High School + age group with Kyriaco Psalios and Vasili Papageorgiou

Between 7:00-7:30pm Children play games and social activities
Between 7:30-8:00pm Children participate in a lesson/activity/discussion
Between 8:00-8:30pm Children enjoy a shared supper and play games/sports

The times may vary slightly but the organisers always try to keep the balance of activities as represented above.

For more information concerning the Youth Group please contact:  Vasili Papageorgiou on ph: 0431 547 740.